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Parental support

Arguments are a natural part of family life, and these can certainly start to happen more often as your child enters their teenage years.

Sometimes conflicts will turn into blazing rows with your teenager insulting you or swearing. This can be hurtful and frustrating for any parent to deal with. Although a certain level of anger and frustration is common from teenagers, it is not acceptable for your teenager to use aggression, threats or become violent towards you.




Making Positive Choices

Our RESPECT programme, Making Positive Choices, addresses the issue of abusive behaviours when an individual is at a young age. The project supports them to make positive life choices and to avoid the negative experiences and consequences we see adult perpetrators dealing with as a result of their actions: relationship/family breakdown, losing access to their children, having a criminal record.

Our early intervention means that these children and young people are able to identify and change damaging beliefs and behaviours. They also learn and understand positive beliefs and behaviours and what constitutes a healthy relationship. Learning this at a key point in their lives means they can fulfil their potential and learn tools and techniques that prevent them from becoming adult perpetrators of Domestic Abuse, and protect future partners, family and children.

Choices helps children and young people on the programme to build strong and healthy relationships with their family members, with current or future partners and their peers. 

The Choices practitioners provide support, insight and simple solutions via weekly structured sessions and it takes about 3 months to complete.

Sessions are varied and use a variety of tools and techniques. Some sessions are with the whole family, some with the parent and some with the young person. The programme reaches its full potential if both the young person and parent(s)/Carer(s) are involved.

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